Conférence d’Oded Lipschits en ligne

Il nous fait plaisir de vous annoncer que la conférence de Monsieur Oded Lipschits est maintenant accessible en ligne.

Le 1er février 2021, sur Zoom, le  professeur au Département d’archéologie et d’études anciennes du Proche-Orient à l’Université de Tel-Aviv nous a présenté, dans le cadre des Midis de l’Institut d’études anciennes et médiévales, la conférence suivante :

« ‘‘The Sound of Silence’’ – Archaeological Exposure of Three Sites that the Bible Ignored (Ramat Rahel, Moza and Azekah) »

Voici le résumé de la conférence :

In this lecture I would like to demonstrate the big gap between what we know on the history of Judah from the Biblical account and what we can reconstruct from other sources, mainly – from archaeology. I will focus on three different sites, very well excavated, and with a lot of information, indicating that they were a central administrative center in Judah under the rule of the Assyrian, Babylonian and Persian empires (Ramat Raḥel), a temple very similar to the one that existed, according to the Biblical description, in Jerusalem (Moza), and an important military and administrative center on the western border of Judah (Azekah). I will try to demonstrate that what we can reconstruct from archaeology was well-known to the ancient Judahites, but it was not in the interest of the Jerusalemite elite to pay any special attention to these places or to describe their actual importance.