Alexander Free – Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (11 novembre)

« The Great, Old and Radiant City of Hermes. Hermopolis Magna and the Emergence of Civic Rivalry in Roman Egypt »


The seminar is dedicated to the municipal and political development of the Egyptian town of Hermopolis Magna in Roman times. Hermopolis was the administrative seat of the 15th upper Egyptian nome and focal point of the cult of the god Thot. Besides the Faijum and Oxyrhynchos it is the third most frequent place of findings of Greek papyri. For this reason, ancient life can be studied at Hermopolis as well as at very few other places in the Mediterranean world.For a long time, however, the Romans did not acknowledge the siteas a fully-fledged community. The seminar takes a look at the slow development of a political self-image in the Middle Egyptian townand outlines the development of an urban competition in the province, as it is also known from Asia Minor or Greece.

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